December 11, 2008

I wish i had written this...

if you haven't figured it out by now, I like poetry and lyrics. I make attempts at writing poetry. I wish I had written this one. They are the lyrics to a song by Leona Naess called Christmas. The song is on the playlist if you want to listen to it.

Words are falling from your lips like
Christmas to my hips
So dangerous the strangest feeling of being
I want willow trees and melodies and flowers counting
Hours till he's breathing leaving the rest behind

Cause I'm full of love

Like waves washes sands clean
And the sun sparkles meadows green

I want kisses and dresses
A late night message that cradles, halos me to sleep
Cause I'm full of love
Yeah I'm full of the above

Like a mother leaves her cubs astray
And a teacher leaves at the end of each day
I'll stay

So cover me but lover be patient
Love's ancient but not for me
Cause I'm full of love
Yeah I'm full of the above

Like Christmas stays with you
Walk through darkened streets as we lay true
Lights from your heart lead me to you

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