November 27, 2008

Jonny Cash Thanksgiving Thankfullness.

give it a minute okay.

November 26, 2008

i'm a lover

I'm tired and sleepy, and it's late. I had to get these things out now that they are still fresh in me. I went to see Twilight tonight, I liked it very much. I haven't felt this way in a long, very long time. I haven't seen a movie that has reminded me of past feelings this way. Not sure what did it, yes it's a love story and yes it has it's romantic moments, but that's not it. I think it might have been an over all feeling between the 2 main characters, their dialogue maybe. I found myself agreeing and almost felt like the Bella was mimicking me. I had forgotten how intense I once loved. How it's possible to love someone with so much certainty and honestly, without doubt. How one could and would love that they would give up everything, even their life for that person, and never let them go, because being a part doesn't make sense. I want that, I have felt that, so I know am capable of it. It's nice to remember. I will not settle for anything else than that kind of love. The word gets thrown around a lot, I've seen situations called love, when they were not. I have my own ideas, I have learned a lot in 14 years of dating, mostly about myself and what am capable off. I want to love that way, who doesn't? who doesn't want to surrender to it, given the opportunity.
To some of you this might all sound very sappy and foolish. But I'm honest, and I don't mind sounding sappy for the sake of honesty. I'm a lover. I want the best kind and sweetest of loves, and I won't make any apologies for it. It was nice to remember and to know what my heart is and has been capable off. I will see the movie again a 2nd and 3rd time most likely, as many as it takes.

November 25, 2008

Flat Stanley

We received Stanley in the mail. He came from Miami, Florida he was created by my 6 year nephew. Stanley is traveling to many places so we had to take him out and take pictures of his little adventure here in Utah. So my parents and I did the deed. Here are some of the pictures:

We had a funny time taking Stanley around, he almost got eaten by a goat, and attacked by an angry roaster. Stanley got put in the mail yesterday so he's on his way back to sunny Florida.

November 23, 2008

is it?

  1. sign
    Pronunciation: \ˈsīn\
    Function: noun
    1 a: a motion or gesture by which a thought is expressed or a command or wishmade known b: signal c: a fundamental linguistic unit that designates an object or relation or has a purely syntactic function d: one of a set of gestures used to represent language ; also : sign language
    2 a mark having a conventional meaning and used in place of or to represent a complex notion

November 22, 2008

Oh James!

I went to see the new James Bond movie last night with my friend Mykel. This is one of the scenes. I don't really remember what the dialogue was, she said something about being mad at herself, while he kissed her back. Whatever it was exactly... it inspired Mykel and I to look at each other and without hesitation and with much infatuation say " I LOVE HIM ". After that we giggled at our coincidental out burst. I think we wished we were the red head London girl named Fields ( but only on this scene cause she gets killed later ).

November 19, 2008

today's random conversation

this happen today at work.
Samy: when I first heard your name it sounded like a stripper name....
me: really??
Samy: yeah, like Mercedes, you know..
me: ha? I've never been told that before... I want to get paid like a stripper.
then we both laughed and I continued on my merry way.

November 16, 2008

the story between your fingers.

the story between your fingers
was told at night, in a quiet room
with sighs and whispers.

when can you say it? when will your tongue unleash?
words are distracting i know.
but there's something i haven't told you
my problems are called you
that's why i seem indifferent just to feel a little more secure.

i have no idea how it happen
and it seems to me a little dangerous to tell you about the sweeteness
it surpasses the logic in my head.
all i know is that am here.
against wind and currents i move.
what else can i do? when the heart knows, who can tell it NO?

So tell, tell me the story
the one your fingers have told my face
the one your eyes have told my eyes
the one i alleady know.

by fabiola alejandra labra.

November 10, 2008

Where did it go? (a love story with a happy ending)

I'm going to tell you a little story. How a girl loved a boy very much, and they were the best of friends, best friends. She lived far from him, but decided to move back home were she would be close to him. After all that, he broke her heart and so she moved on. Months later much later, he came back into her life. Now they are still friends, and like each other still, but there is no love. This girl loved him no more. Now she wonders were did the love go, how could she cry and hurt for so long? was it all spent ? did it die?. She looks for it when she looks at him, but is not there. She tried to find it several times and she never could. She asks herself if it was ever love? She thought it was, she would have done anything for it. Now she is happy and content, knows that her heart doesn't keep that love anymore. The question is how the heart changes?, how it knows and then it doesn't ?

November 7, 2008

where am I

Have you ever stood out in the ocean in one place and 10 minutes later you're not in the same spot. The current slowly and softly pushed you along and now you stand in a different place. I feel that way, don't know how it happened but it's a good thing I can get back on track.

November 5, 2008

I didn't vote for him.

I'm sure bloggers everywhere are writing about the same thing, well so am I. History was made last night, first Black president was elected. Even though I didn't vote for him, it's pretty cool that I'm around to see it happened. I can tell my kids about it. I'm not a hater, I think is wonderful that we can all make our own choices and are free to do so. I hope Obama does a good job and goes down in history as a great president, this country needs it. My friend Robin (happens to be black) and I talked about it this morning...I gave her a big old hug. I know how much it meant to her and her family, and maybe that's what we all need right now, not just a change but acceptance. I'm still proud to be American even with a democratic president, I have faith that we will be allright because I know who really is in charge ;)

November 3, 2008


There are too many distractions, I would say one is more than enough, but now-days text messaging, facebook, dating websites are just the common ones. How do people ever get to know each other, even to get married. I feel like I can't compete with all of it, with the millions of girls on facebook. I think we are not taking the time to get to know people, to talk to them, to be present with them when they are with us. To see them for who they really are, their likes, their passions and what makes them tick, these things take time.
I'm a one on one person, I like it that way. I like intimacy, I like to feel connected , and if I can't then I move on. I'm tired of the walls, the pre-judgements, the fears. I don't want to miss on making a friend because I was to busy scoping the so called "good looking cool people" in a room. I 'm tired of the grass is greener attitude, we have such little attention spans that, it seems like we need constant stimulation.
I think is pretty amazing when you can be with someone and not feel like you have to do or say anything, but just enjoy their presence, maybe even hear their heart beating. I can't compete, I won't , I'm just me. I hope and pray, that with all the technology advancing people will get burn out and go back to enjoy BEING with each other.

There is no substitute to being in your presence and taking in all of you.

November 1, 2008

Ray Lamontagne

I went to see him in concert this past Tuesday, I've never been so lucky....destiny sat me in VIP section to watched the entire concert, the opening act Leona Naess and then ofcourse Ray. I sat by myself and have never been so content at a concert, from my view the lights and stage were magical , I felt serenaded sitting in my balcony. Thank you Universe!

I have to add: Ray Lamontagne left his job at a shoe factory after hearing a song by Stephen Hills and decided to pursue music. As I sat and watched him played I thought about this. I was so grateful he left the shoe factory, that he had the courage to follow his heart. And mostly that he believed in himself..... so I and others could here him sing.