June 29, 2010

Goodbye Kim.

On Sunday I had a pretty intense church experience, 2 of our members were in an accident, they were hiking and both fell on the river,one was rescue but the other has not been found. Her name is Kimberly Evans, a preschool teacher. I did not know her very well. Last time I saw her a few weeks ago, she gave me a smile as she came into the room. So on Sunday ( 24 hours since she had been missing) we all gather and talked about her at church. The spirit of the meeting was sad and sweet. I know that God exist and he has a plan for everyone individually. I am grateful to know this, and to be able to have faith in a kind Heavenly Father that loves all his children and that things that are out of control are his will. We call them events, accidents, coincidences, blessings, miracles or whatever other word to try to explain it, but it's ultimate his will, and there is peace in that.
The other person involved Joe, has no broken bones, no concoction, only scratches and stitches, after a 20 feet fall into the river with icy water. Kim's body has not been found, due to the level of the river being high, it might be weeks till the water goes down.
So this is life, we come and go, it's what we do in between that time, that really matters. On Sunday i learned that we do influence people around us, someone is always watching us. I can say that Kim was a good influence, even with a smile to me from a far. Her smile is what I will remember. Thank you Kim.

( link to the news-article on the accident)http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=11342243

June 15, 2010