July 24, 2005


the night
the sound of the wind calling your name
the new air
the blue light on everything
the things that were
the whispers of the tress
the gentle breeze touching my face
I miss your sent
the thoughts and all that's not
I close my eyes and the WINDOW

July 8, 2005

sleep doesn't rest

my eyes are closed.
but I see what I feel.
It's not you.
with all that i know and don't want
and the images of what should never be
I see things and fear what I've lost
In my sleep there is no rest
and dreams don't give in
the haunt with my ghost and your name
I live in thoughts of love
and pain
how it hurts,
sleep doesn't rest
and when wake finds me
I'm lost once again contemplating my pain
my dreams hurt my reality.