December 13, 2008

A Lesson In cuddleing.

I don't need it ! believe you me. I stumble on this in the internet, it made me laugh. It's snowing outside, I have to admit that this weather makes me want to cuddle real bad.

How to Cuddle

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit

Cuddling is perfect for couples who want to be close but haven’t yet reached the kissing stage (such as middle-schoolers). It’s normal for older couples to cuddle, too. Cuddling is a way to show someone how much you care about them. It’s a romantic, relaxing way to let someone know you care, and an even better way to keep warm on a cold day.



  1. Ask her if she wants to cuddle first. Put on a movie or something to keep her interested.
  2. Make sure your breath smells good. Bad breath is a turn-off when you are several inches away from your cuddler's face. haha! the cuddler
  3. Breathe through your nose, not your mouth.
  4. Wrap your arms around her, as if trying to keep her warm and keep her close.
  5. Run your fingers up and down her arm, or draw circles with your thumb. Do this gently, caressing her.
  6. Squeeze all of your affection into her, but don't suffocate her. Just hold her tightly and make her feel wanted.
  7. Nuzzle her neck, head, shoulders. Don't get creepy or act like an animal, just be loving and warm.
  8. If you're at the kissing stage, peck her neck and the tips of her ears gently, or just breathe softly on her neck or ears.
  9. Tickle her gently. Put your hands around her waist.
  10. Stroke her hair softly.
  11. Lightly run your hand up and down her leg. It's okay if you occasionally go a bit too high. WOW!!
  12. It can go both ways. Lay your head against her shoulder. If you time it right, you may be able to slide down a bit.
  13. If it's cold outside, lend her your jacket and hug her. But don't force her to wear your jacket.
  14. Don't wear shirts with transfer designs on them—if she lays her head on your chest, they'll stick to her face. HA! HA!


  1. Sit close to him.
  2. Slowly take one of his hands and lace your fingers together. huh?
  3. Rub his thumb with yours gently. why?
  4. To get him to put his arm around you, sit up straight and nudge his shoulder.
  5. Lower your head so it rests on his neck, chest, or shoulder, as if you were lying on a pillow.
  6. If you want to, wrap your arm around his lower back or stomach.
  7. Be affectionate. I thought that's what we were doing all along.
  8. Be sure to let him know what a nice, soft, squishy pillow he makes.
  9. Be playful. Poke him! He might poke back! If he does, it has the potential to become a wrestling match with a fairy tale kiss at the end! ohh brother
  10. If he taps his finger and your hand is close to his, hold his hand.
  11. If you're walking with him and his hands are still, try holding his hand while you walk so it won't be more awkward sitting down.
  12. If his breath stinks, give him a mint. I think that's a little obvious and embarrassing.


  • Be soft.
  • Don't fidget -- just relax.
  • Cuddling is best for movies (especially scary ones) or times when you have a lot of time to relax and enjoy it. It's best to save cuddling for times when you have longer than a few minutes together.
  • Blankets make things cozier.
  • Poking can lead to other things. hopefully ;)


  • Don't force it! If someone pulls away, they're not ready.
  • You have to feel affection to cuddle with someone. Don't try to fake it, your partner can tell! a-ha! sure he can
  • If something doesn't feel comfortable, fix it!
  • If his/her breath stinks, don’t give them gum. It won’t fix their breath and it will only increase saliva. YUCK! Give them a mint, a polo for example. polo?

    Things you'll need

    * A partner Duh !
    * Affection lots of it ofcourse
    * A Rainy Day I would say this is a plus but not necessarily a need.
    * Mints (Or if all else fails...gum), you never know!


  1. where do you find this stuff! so cute!

  2. in the internet...while surfing , stumbling, and stalking (j/k about the last one)