November 28, 2009

"Maison Pestea" for you abuelito

Last month I was in France, in the basque country. I got to visit the village of Hasparren where my ancestors are from, and I found the house where some of them lived and died. It was in the family for a few hundred years and was built around 1700, it still stands as you can see. Is pretty incredible to me, that I was able to find this house. I have many records from my research that mention the " Maison Pestea" as the place of birth and death. My grandfather spend 2 years traveling in France and lived in Paris for a while, he liked it so much he added to his pen name " Tito Paris". He went there in search for his family and never found them. I feel like I completed the task and even though my grandpa has been gone for a while, I hope he can see how much I have worked on his French genealogy.

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