November 27, 2009

I had a realization yesterday. Email and text and chat are not ways of communications, not when things are important. I knew this, but got sucked into it anyways. Important conversations should be made face to face. Nothing beats the real thing, where you and all your senses can express what is in your heart and mind. To not do this, is messy, as I now know. I am never ever going to do this over email or text or chat, is not worth the misunderstanding. There are times when emails and letters are necessary, but I prefer the real time interaction. I hate how lazy we've become and have replaced people with technology. I'm much kinder and nicer in person anyways. This makes me want to get rid of texting from my phone all together. I'm sorry I took the easy way and not the best way. Lesson learned, will not happened again.

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