January 8, 2009

i went to the DI

Sometimes I like to document my day, I went to DI. I think you can always find interesting things if you take the time to look, and maybe look with a different eye.

yes I did spy and followed this man to take the picture, I'm guilty of stalking the Elvis-wanna be.

visually pleasing to my eye, these Barbies, the top pic. not so sure what it is...maybe all the colored skin nudity (I'll explain latter in another entry) and the bottom pic. its the pretty pink. If these dolls could talk wonder what they'd say?

do you see it? there is some design form here, don't know about function, well... maybe if one is looking for a chartreuse ice cube tray...

these dolls freak me out, If I had them in my room at night they would scare the crap out of me, I much prefer the Barbie dolls ,not to play with but being in my room at night, that's what I mean.

I was interested in 2 videos here, can you guess which ones?

  • IF you said the KUNG FU collection then you are RIGHT!!, cause if you didn't know I practice Kung Fu, like for reals, like I get down and dirty with a bunch of boys at a gym. I have a Sifu and everything, yah!
  • IF you guess the double video on the right THE PARTNER DANCING THE COUNTRY WAY then you are right again, I am a fan of country dancing. A-ha!

Well there you have it my report on my trip to the DI. I did buy some things too.. like 3 awesome cd's ( Joshua James still wrapped, afrocuban music, Andean music from Chile) a vintage leather jacket and a purse. the end.


  1. I love all the colors . . .

  2. i love love love this entry! i need to take more photos of my adventures. thanks for the inspiration!