October 22, 2008

What the Bleep to We Know?

I was sick yesterday , so sitting at home feeling miserable and with the sniffles, I started concocting a plan. A master plan, to change things.... in my head mostly. I decided to watch " what the Bleep do we know" ( click the link to see it for free) , It had been recommended by a friend, and finally i had the time to see it. It's a documentary on Quantum Physics and how thoughts affect our reality, kinda like the Secret but more scientific. I found it to be so interesting. It fit perfectly with my new plan. I 'm still putting it together, but changes are coming....good ones, REALLY good ones. Is time for this lady to put her house in order. Check out the movie, If you have an open mind.... it's worth your time. Might just change the way you think about thoughts.


  1. didn't the part about water just blow you away?

  2. yes mam!
    pretty cool experiment.I keep on thinking about what the man told her." if it can do that to water,what could it do for us?" something like that.

  3. Sounds interesting! I will have to check it out.