October 21, 2008

the girl in the movie.

I'm a thinker, my mind feels at home wondering, not dreaming, but pondering on life. I like to watch people, I imagine what their life is like. The people they love, what home is like for them, their desires and disappointments. I like to observe from a far. As I do this my heart loves, life manifest itself in this person I'm looking at, it's beautiful. Sometimes I like to think I'm the main character in a movie and as I move through my day, there's a song playing in the background. I'm a single girl, trying to figure out her life, she's been heart broken a few times but still believes in love and in that there's a place for her. She's in transition. Thinking about this makes me smile, who says I'm not the main character of this story with a great soundtrack following me around, are n' t you?

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