September 29, 2008


It's 8:00 o'clock and am fidgety. I'm always fidgety seems like. I hate Facebook, well I love it but then I hate it. It can be so addicting, and makes me feel like a stalker sometimes. I think there might be too much connections and information. The status updates kill me...sure they can be informative but sometimes the are just plain retarded, who cares? what your eating right now or sometimes they just brag about themselves, a call to the Universe that their EGO needs some attention, my status right now says " FABIOLA is not Hawaiian"...It makes no sense,except if your looking at my profile picture, which I have posted on here. Facebook is the perfect setting for drama...oh my so much of it, you can see the events your friends are going to and the ones which you are not invited, people declare all kinds of things with their pictures without saying a word, which I can make stories and stories with my own conclusions...I'm good at making stories specially tragic ones. Yeah, Facebook is a world of it's own, but not really, it can show you how great someone life is, with tons of pictures of the things they are doing, places, friends, foods and crazy events. But it could all be a show, a show to the world... of how cool they are, while they really sit at home lonely playing with photoshop and making their picture's look like life is so colorful. Maybe am being dramatic, but how much is this reality... It's one more thing to distract us from real connections with people and even ourselves. I'm addicted to it , I think. I guess it's a love hate thing. I'm certainly feeling like I need a break from it.

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