November 4, 2010

randomly random

Time passes and I have gotten so busy. Don't you love ordinary days. I do! I have nothing to complaint about, everything is as it should be. I'm grateful for that. Have you noticed the Sunsets lately, maybe is just me, but the view from my office at Sunset is perfect! The windows are pretty big so I don't miss the sky on the late nights at the office. Can I tell you that one of my favorite places in the world is my bed, I recently put a memory foam on it. It's a sanctuary. I love it there, a lot of mental work and relaxing is done in such a small place. I been learning such great lesson about life and people lately.
I have realized that i don't like closed minded , rigid, unwilling to learn or to be wrong people. Funny thing closed minded people are so closed off in there perspective that they don't see how locked out they are, and are unwilling to look on to an honesty mirror. I hope I never fall into this. I hope i can see my vulnerability , that I can accept errors and gracefully learn from the lessons I am being taught.

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