August 16, 2010

i dont believe in coincidences. with all the synchronization lately, tiny little moments, that go unnoticed to most, are gigantic to me....if you are looking for answers you will find them, they are always finding you....always. just look a little harder and noticed them. the universe is always giving u what u need.


  1. I found your blog through Ebay's FB page (coincidence?) : ) and have been reading it for the past hour. So much of what you've written over the years is what I needed to hear today - about being lonely, about faith, about love - about being human. You are an incredibly talented writer, and have such a profoundly golden spirit. Thank you for sharing your beautiful self with the world! You made me smile on a day when all I could muster is an ingenuous grin. Mil abrazos, Tristin

  2. Wow ! Tristin...thank you for taking the time, i hope to meet u one of these days, im sure ....