December 26, 2009

King Leonidas were are you?

Where are the men that keep their word?
Their words are to be feared and trusted, because they are prophetic promises.
Where are men that know who they are are, that stand as kings?
They fear nothing except God.
Where are men that can be trusted?
They search their souls fo truth and honor it.
They are for justice and freedom.
They love their families and country and will fight to the end for it and never retreat,
to defend all that they are and all that is good.

I need a man I can admire and adore. Maybe I'm too picky or expect too much, but I will not settle or marry a man I can't admire. I can not settle with just any man, if I want to be the women I'm striving to be.

1 comment:

  1. dont settle sweety you are worth too much love you