August 12, 2009

bad and good day

I don't know what has kept me from writing. There hasn't been a lack of things. Today I had a bad day. I know we all do, every few weeks or once a month.I'm not going to bore you with details, but it had me on my knees praying for some light. Then, after my pouting and tantrum I took the bus downtown. The bus is a very strange place. All sorts of characters meet there. For me, the bus ride always makes little more thankful along with a reality check, as if while riding I'm given a lesson in life. Today wasn't any different. I sat across a young man, blind and riding the bus. I couldn't keep me eyes from him his dead eyes, he had his long stick and beside him, attentively waiting for his bus stop. When he got off, i was a little worried for him, but this is my lack of faith you see, he's gone all his life without my help. He seemed to know where he was going with out really seeing it.
I had spend most of the morning crying over losing something dear to me. And this young man how does he do it? Moving from place to place in darkness, how does he find things when they are lost. Makes me realized that as grateful as i am and as much as i complaint, i wouldn't trade my trials for anyone else's. But also made me think that some people, like this young man and are stronger and more courageous than I will ever be.
Today was a good day to be humbled.


  1. all of what you very true. thank you for saying it.

  2. Fabiola, give yourself a hug from me. You deserve it.