March 11, 2009

retro.....cause i'm going back

I'm in Miami, my hometown. I have so many distorted and fuzzy memories of this place. I visited with friends and lovers. In conversation there is a lot I don't remember, so I realized. Funny, life can be so different in another place and yet the same. Is nice to walk the streets I walked many years ago, and do a retro-inspection. I'm not the same , not the same girl that lived here. My heart is with the mountains now and I would not trade them for this humid tropical weather. Life is good, I'm off to Ecuador today to the land of my birth. I will go to the places where I live as a tiny little girl. I'm hoping to uncover some hidden memories . I will see Ecuador after 25 years. So here I go...

Life needs to be lived as an adventure, new and refresh, if not.... we may lose ourselves in the routine, enclosed in our one-sided bubble.

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  1. This re-visiting of your past--I hope it's lovely and it brings you joy.