February 27, 2009


don't know if it happens to you often, but i sometimes have a reoccurring theme, they show up in conversations and at random times. Like lately it's been letters. I was asked to write one, and then in class I read 6 from WWI, also I taught a lesson at church about letters. So what is life trying to teach me, why letters? The one I recently wrote was not an easy one to write, I wanted to pour my heart into it. Who knows what the reader felt when they received it, all i hope is that it was taken well. Letters to me have a kind way of being. They are not presumptuous, but just are and one can go back to them at any time. A long time ago, i wrote myself a letter and then opened it a year later at the schedule date. Letters are just powerful and that power has been present lately.

here is an excerpt from my assignment on one of the letters from WWI and my teacher's response, I have also linked the actual letter if you want to read it, very interesting history from a soldier's point of view.
ME : ......After the details of his last bloody encounter he then finishes with focusing on his wife. He asked her how she’s doing and how he misses her. He recollects the memory of them sitting by the lake. He’s sweet and humorous. I like this part the best, he seems brave, sweet and even concern tells her to take care of herself. I find this funny when he’s in the middle of war and she’s in a safer place than he is. How hard it must have been to be in those trenches for so long?.........This week has been the week of letters I wrote one myself and then I read all of these. There is something special about letters, receiving them in the mail and writing them to someone. It’s almost a lost art. Maybe I’m just a romantic, and so the letter by Edward Luckert to me was sincere, I just don’t see the point in writing and communicating to love ones, especially during that time when it was very difficult to communicate, and not putting real sentiments and just writing about the bloody events of war.
TEACHER: It seems to be a common theme- love, love for ones at home. I think that knowledge that someone is there for you can be a very powerful, persuasive force. All human beings desire to feeling valued. All creatures may in general. I'm not a fish, so I don't know. =) I agree. Letters are a somewhat lost art. I recently received one that made deep impression based on the sincerity and concern expressed. I did not know the friendship was valued so much, either. In return, I sent one to a young person in my neighborhood that is an exceptional individual, but gets teased for it. I relayed how proud I was of them and who they were and to never forget that. There is something "romantic" about letters, even if they are not always about an "in love" romance. Some very nice thoughts. Thank you.

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