January 1, 2009

Hey, hey, hey, heya

Happy New Years Day! today we can start fresh, and the numbers in history we write will have a different year. Being a genealogist dates are very important to me. Maybe this will be just another year or maybe this will be the year were we have dates that will forever be remembered. When searching for ancestors, in film or an old Parrish book, years are so important. I wonder about what life was like, for example my French basque and ancestors, the french words, the ink, the priest, the mansion (house in french) if they were happy that day. Then almost a year later I can always expect to find the baptism of there first child. When we are living, dates and moments pass us by quickly, but after we are gone, to someone else those dates are meaningful. A while back I started a chronological biography, of every year of my life, with important events like, school grades, boyfriends, mission, births and deaths of relatives, etc. What I found was as I forced myself to think back on time and history, I remembered things that I had forgotten, I'm not done with it. I keep on adding more to it. But looking at it is pretty amazing my own personal time line. The purpose is to write my autobiography eventually. As a genealogist I wished I had more information on individuals, so I have to leave something for my descendants. I have met people that my future generations will not get to meet, so I will write about my family members too.

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