December 14, 2008

sunday walk

I walked to church today, I usually drive, it's a minute away but it's was so pretty outside plus I didn't want to shovel the drive way. I had to teach R.S. , I wasn't in the mood, I felt like taking the class outside and just have everyone admire the scenery, maybe had them answer questions like why does the snow glitter? and why is it so quiet, it makes one want to whisper? I love this weather, can you tell ? I'm beginning to feel like when summer is around, when I rather be outside and not inside wasting beauty. I think am a dreamer, I imagine all kinds of stuff, and if this magical scenery of white exists then unicorns are not far. Laugh at me if you like, I'm OK with it, in the words of Einstein " imagination is more important than knowledge"so there!
I have to report that R.S. lesson went very well. I'm always amazed and surprised of how well they turn out, I think it might have been the little prayer in my heart, that pleaded to Heavenly Father that I would say something worth while, something someone needed to hear. In these situations I'm more than happy to be used and even be a tool.

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