August 7, 2008

so here i go

I've had this blog for a few years now..and I mostly posted poems (usually inspired by a heartbreak )and pictures. I have only shared it with a a few friends and my sister, but now I'm ready to go public and write more about what is going on with me. Maybe it's a desire to put it out in the universe or something like that or maybe a subconscious wish to change things a bit. I like to change things often actually, is fun for me to see what comes of it and what it attracts. This summer has been a great a example of that ,some many fun and new things have appeared and i have enjoy all of it. A few years ago when i turned 30 i started rock climbing and country swing dancing. I hated country for so many years but dancing got me into it, and now I love it, even if am not very good. I would have never done it in a millions years but i decided why not? why not try something tacky like line dancing and make a complete fool of myself trying to do the boot scoot boogie. I now am a fan of country and swinging to it. I've had a good time doing it and it made me braver (going to a club all by myself and dancing with strangers)

So in my attempt to change things (i guess I'm conscious now) i will post more often... i made a list the other day of little changes i will and have been making :

-listen to up beat music (i tend to like sad music), I'm changing everything on my ipod
-write on my blog ha!
-wear a necklace (i tend not to wear jewelry which is weird cause i make lots of necklaces)
-wear my glasses more often ( yes i have glasses, but don't wear them to often, is a very tiny prescription)
-read more non-fiction ( usually tend to read self help books)
-gratitude journal ( i have to start again to write 5 things am grateful for every night before I go to bed) is not easy let me tell you
-change my ring on my phone and clean out my contacts
-rearrange my room, i took down all pictures and drawings of single personas and changed then for multiples and couples , at the advice of my feng shui book, this is supposed to reflect that one is not a lone, but surrounded by people.
-invite people to be my friend on facebook, i tend to wait for someone else to invite
-wear more skirts (they are much more cooler than shorts)

these may seem very insignificant changes...but they do work, sometimes "great things come from small things" plus is easier to make little changes than big ones right?!....try it sometime take the long way home, try a different kind of ice cream, listen to music you wouldn't usually listen too, open yourself to doing things a bit different, i think you'll be surprised. It's so great we have the choice and freedom to change things , and be a complete different person, from our clothes to how we eat...

I love it.


  1. This is great! Love your page. I'm going to steal some of your ideas to snag a man.

  2. snag a man! where?

  3. wonderful! I am glad we can keep up with each other this way!