August 13, 2008

i'm not a writer.

yeah! am not. I'm an artist. So this is warning to all of you grammar/spelling/ i have a hissy fit with punctuation people. I try.. really, I even hit the spell check, I have 2 languages in my little brain Spanish and English and they like to play little games in my head. I also make up words in Spanish, not on purpose of course, but it's been a source of entertainment that has brought many laughs to my parents. They usually laugh at me , imitate my voice and then latter correct me. All I do is lift my shoulders and laugh with them. So getting back to my warning, or apology , which ever you like. Am not an expert in the English language or the Spanish , but i do have double the amount of words you have in your brain, so bear with me if am not to par with your grammar or spelling. I also am, a free spirit that doesn't like to many rules (it's pretty amazing I do belong to a religion) or regulations when it comes to expressing myself. Sometimes I just write what sounds good to me, well in Spanish that usually how one writes....there are no ghost letters. One last addition to the mix is my ADD or ADHD, dyslexia and well there you have it...So there it is, be patient and flexible with me as i try to get my point across, ok...ok thank you! very muchy

UPDATE: I do have to add that I welcome corrections, I like to learn from my please let me know, graciously Fabiola.


  1. no one better give you crap on your own blog! geez! What's the world come to.

    However, as an English teacher and a WRITER...I might have to mock you in my head, just a bit, if you do anything too off the wall.

    So, what are some of these spanish words?

    By the way, I am going to Buenos Aries soon, have you been? Suggestions?

  2. No one has yet! I just feel a little intimidated with all my friends that are writers and english majors. Mock all you want,it's ok with me. I'll have to get back to you on the spanish words...cause i don't remember. It's more like english words that I try to use in spanish by making them sound espanol :)(who knows what's going on upstairs). Buenos Aires? yay I've only been to the airport, but I think is alot like Chile,a lot of European influences. The have the best Parrilla, that's what they call BBQ, best sausages too. Try some CHORIPAN with CHIMICHURRI. OH man!