August 28, 2008

Days are going.

The days are going so fast. I feel I need more hours in the day, so much I want to do. I'm starting to get the feeling again, the one that send me to Boise for 10 months . I feel like am in the verge of change again. Maybe am just paranoid. I feel like am waiting for something to happened. This whole year i been trying to get a permanent job. I have worked altogether about 3 months. I couldn't believe it but is true. I guess things do need to change and change will come. I could get upset about how my life since last October has been unstable, and believe me at times I have, but I choose to be optimistic, and accept "WHAT IS". Acceptance has brought me unexpected tranquility. This summer has been a very happy one for me, even without a job. But am ready for whatever is coming, am not longer going to pout and reject what life has in store. I welcome it.

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