April 9, 2005

i'm scared....

I'm scared of that things would change, When they just got better.
why do we drift apart without reason?
the feeling is gone, and I have no control
There should be something that can and would stop it.
I still feel the same and you still feel the same, then why isn't not the same?
what changes outside of us, why do we not have hold of it?
Like the direction of the wind.
It's so sad.
I want to hold on to moments and scents.
I don't understand. I thought we would always be friends.

Lately you been on my mind
youv'e anchored your boat
And very little changes, only that me missing you is always growing every day a little more.
always on my mind.
Questions dance? but never find there way out?
Answers are few..... are none...
Lately you been gone.

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